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Packed Lunches

A Perfect Packed Lunch

Some Ideas...

  • Try to vary your sandwiches by checking out what's available
    at your local supermarket. There are rolls, wholemeal breads,
    wraps and so much more to fill with your favorite healthy foods.
  • Selection of fruit.
  • Crackers and cheese. Try making fruity cheese crackers by topping off a standard cheese cracker with a slice of kiwi or pear.
  • A mixed salad - Children particularly like cherry tomatoes and sweet pepper strips. Make your salad more interesting by adding fruit and nuts.
  • A bottle of still water will quench thirst and can eliminate dehydration (which can often be mistaken for hunger).
    Much better than sugary drinks!

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" The Food Education Company and Family Cooking Project has been a fantastic success at Stranton School. It has been brilliant seeing children and their parents learning together for a common goal – being healthy and enjoying a better lifestyle. We hope the project will continue to grow and affect many, many more families in the year to come"

Neil Nottingham, Headteacher, Stranton School