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Enterprise & Gifted and Talented Events

The Food Education Company's enterprise programme contributes to a number of criteria required to achieve Healthy School status.

Our interactive and informative programme takes a holistic approach to healthy eating and provides cross curricular opportunities, innovative learning and resources to deliver within the classroom.  This is a fun and enjoyable day which has been designed to enhance children’s individual potential.

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In this full day activity, children will watch one of our experienced chefs prepare and cook four delicious healthy dishes as well as interact with each other and taste the food.  Then in groups they will use their initiative and creativity as they consider:

  • Adapting the dishes they have seen cooked
  • A company name and slogan
  • The cost and profit of their product
  • The packaging of their product
  • Their target audience
  • A unique selling point
  • Market awareness and strategies
  • Branding

The day concludes with team presentations where each group pitches their idea and responds to feedback and questions from their peers.

The following Enterprise Skills are developed:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Business etiquette
  • Risk taking
  • Financial capability
  • Evaluation
  • Leadership
  • Can do attitude
  • Problem solving

In addition, our chefs endeavour to make the tasks realistic and comparable to “every day” life.  We focus on detailed costing / profit, food labelling, sustainability (both from a food and business point of view), competition, brand awareness and culminating in presentations that are carried out in front of impartial judges.  PSHEe is being considered throughout this programme with a strong emphasis on both healthy eating and strong economic skills.

The Food Education Company uses an evaluation tool to assess improvements and changes as a result of the enterprise event. Download using the link below:

Evaluation tool text

If you have joined our Membership, you can take advantage of the ExpoDen resource. ExpoDen gives you at least a half term of curriculum planning, based around enterprise, using food as the stimuli and has health and wellbeing at its core. Read more...

"I have watched The Food education Company grow and develop over the years into a valuable service for the local community. The Food Education Company has changed people's perceptions about healthy eating. They have inspired our customers to make lifestyle changes towards a better and healthier future."

Angeline Brown, Job Centre Plus - Pathways to work.